Unfold your organisations swarm intelligence – Build your own swarm–

Build your own swarm

Sustainability cannot unfold within siloes. It needs a radical different approach. It needs your organisations own swarm intelligence.

With us you can learn how to evolve your company into a swarm organisation and unleash its full potential.

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You want to build-up sustainability expertise in-house but want to avoid to create another silo?
You want to know how to scale-up your sustainability pilot?
You want to learn how to build an organization as an organism to become resilient and adaptible?

We train the right people and build a new kind of vertical sustainability unit across your departments and beyond the company.

3 steps towards creating
your own swarm

1. Mapping flows

We help you understand your internal communication thoroughly to map your information flows.

2. Train change-makers

We identify the true change-makers in your company and train them to become experts in Responsible Innovation.

3. Building your swarm

We build your sustainability department by delivering customised digital solutions and by connecting it to our global expert swarm.

Case study 1

We helped leading companies like Audi or PwC to create the organisational structures ready for responsible innovation.

Company Challenge:

When trying to execute a sustainability strategy companies often lack the expert know- ledge on how to innovate responsibly (taking sustainable business practices into account). As this will be a crucial skill-set in the upcoming sustainability decade, companies want to upskill their organisation without running the risk to create a siloed department.

COBIOM Solution:

In our Future Classes, we train cross-organisational Change Ambassadors in the methods and mindset of responsible innovation. The unique format has been developed by our swarm experts along with a problem-based learning programme from Human-centred Design and Biomimicry to Systems Thinking and Business Integration.

Sustainability & Business Impact:

We reorganised and trained various department and C-levels of big companies to develop organisational structures that grow their business organically and organise their teams around a responsible business purpose as an agile Swarm organisation.

Case study 2

We helped a large Latin-American financial player* to execute their vision of responsible banking by training the organisation.

Company Challenge:

The challenge was to bring their new vision of becoming a responsible bank to life. The company with investment projects across Latin America was operating with business-as-usual management practices, operations and mindset, not fit for their desired positive impact and deep sense of purpose.

COBIOM Solution

Our COBIOM Ambassador facilitated the development of teams, department and company as agile team-of-teams. By training managers and employees, they adopted a mindset, processes and structures that allowed them to move from sustainable (doing less bad) regenerative (doing more good) business practices.

Sustainability & Business Impact:

Leaders and management aligned on a vision and strategy to completely transform the company into an ESG- and purpose-driven business in the next 5 years.

*Large Impact Investor firm based in Mexico City with investment projects across Latin America

Case study 3

For German Zero we developed the organization as an organism

Company challenge:

German Zero is a NGO lobbying policy makers to create a law that renders Germany carbon neutral by 2035. The organization grew massively in four months raising around 1 mio € for the campaign, but completely lacked an organisational structure that could keep up and manage the rapid growth and success. In 2019, we took on the task to organise the newly born NGO German Zero e.V. as a swarm organization.

COBIOM Solution

In our design, we first mapped and then removed the mass of independent units, people and agendas. We then replaced them by defined goals that align with the mission of German Zero as the primary direction. To the main sectors, political decision making, fundamental operations and campaign communication, we assigned the respective goals and allocated a responsible person to them. Operational actions were then left to the teams grouping around responsible OKRs which were used to align actions with goals at each level. The decoupling of goals from positions and the independence of units in their decision making resembles a swarm or tribe in nature and allows fast, decentralised action as well as budding or attachment of stakeholders to the organisation while compliance with the organisational goals is still guaranteed.

Sustainability & Business Impact:

First feedback loops indicate improvements regarding effectiveness and efficiencies of working together in the new structure.

With a swarm-inspired organizational structure you can:

  • Unleash the potential of your network through responsible innovation
  • Enable effective collaboration across different units
  • Free your sustainability strategy from being stuck in a silo
  • Foster efficient communication for crystal clear transparency
  • Leap to the next level and become a sustainable business

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