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Swarm as a service

Swarm Intelligence is exponentially more effective and faster than traditional business practices.

Once activated, our Swarm of experts will radically transform your company into an innovative leader with the highest positive impact. The Swarm can solve your challenges in a fraction of time due to an integrated end-to-end process, making your business sustainable by default.

To access the Swarm’s intelligence, we will provide a modern platform for you to easily seed your challenges and reap the results.

You need someone who helps with identifying what are the most material sustainability innovations you should address?
You already succeeded with different sustainability initiatives but have a particular challenge you couldn't crack yet?
You are looking for a fast and efficient way of creating responsible innovation?

No matter where you are on your sustainability journey –
we help bringing together the right experts or service providers to solve your challenges.

We have a simple, yet effective
3-step process

1. Identifying Opportunities

We collaborate with leading sustainability experts to help you in identifying and selecting your high-impact sustainability challenges and risks.

2. Leveraging the swarm

Leverage our swarm intelligence and innovation capability to find the best solution for your current challenges.

3. Implementing solutions

Together with leading service providers in the fields of sustainability, engineering and transformation, we help you to bring the developed sustainable solution to market – fast, agile and lean.

Case study 1

The COBIOM Swarm innovation process helped a leading healthcare client solve a highly-complex plastic challenge.

Company Challenge:

The challenge was to develop a bioplastic alternative to lab material like petri dishes or pipette tips (for research and diagnostics purposes coming with strong regulations and scientific requirements). The initiative was aimed to help reduce the use of virgin plastics and accompanied exter- nalities (GHG emission, waste, marine toxicity) as part of the corporate sustainability strategy.

COBIOM Solution:

A fully curated Swarm innovation process in a virtual team of >100 experts led to the discovery of a novel combination of bioplastics.

Sustainability & Business Impact:

The innovation phase led to the implementation of a large scale prototype production accompanied by measuring and calculating the actual positive environmental and business impact.

Case study 2

Our swarm experts developed circular production processes to make the business of a construction client fit for the future.

Company Challenge:

The linear business model of the construction company produced tons of waste every year that went into landfill. This proved not only to have a negative environmental impact but also to be significantly inefficient for the business. But the company struggled internally to commit to a sustainable business strategy because of its highly competitive market with long product life cycles.

COBIOM Solution:

Our swarm experts on Circular Design and Resource Efficiency helped to develop circular processes for their production lines. Life-cycle assessments and process audits generated the data needed for innovation formats that involved external experts as well as employees. Product concepts were developed and are currently tested. The product design itself is accompanied by the development of a circular service system to efficiently recycle used products and retrieve material for the next life-cycle.

Sustainability & Business Impact:

This process transformation aimed at reducing the amount of unused waste by 20% and to generate savings of >1.2 million € annually.

Case study 3

Our swarm experts helped re-thinking food packaging with bio-materials.

Company Challenge:

A consortium funded by the Zentrale Initiative Mittelstand (ZIM) initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Economy (BMWi) asked COBIOM to support their members with expertise and innovation process to develop biodegradable food packaging alternatives.

COBIOM Solution:

Experts from the COBIOM network and industry present in the ZIM consortium cooperated in virtual teams and workshops. The experts used Biomimicry to research natural ways to package food with bioplastics, other disposable biomaterials, or develop designs that do not require additional packaging.

Packaging solutions included reduction in conventional material usage; composite product using cellulose-based material covered by a waterproof layer made from insect protein; reusable packaging material to replace bubble wrap including a return system to circularise the process; an alternative algae-based bioplastic.

Sustainability & Business Impact:

The concepts were tested and scaled for industry use by the network partners for next step funding schemes.

Making use of our swarm innovation process you can:

  • Get fast and easy access to over 1.000 global transformation & sustainability experts
  • Benefit from innovative perspectives within interdisciplinary swarms
  • Massively accelerate your sustainable innovation process
  • Implement exponential solutions
  • Experience our modular approach: from individual projects to holistic end-to-end solutions

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