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Why experts working in swarms is the way forward

More co-creation, less consulting.
More collaboration, less competition.
More impact at scale, less incremental improvements.

In our decentralised teams, experts from the fields of sustainability, business, science, engineering and design co-create to make the post-COVID era sustainable by default.

We  value co-creation over competition which we express in our algorithms & cultural framework. Via our unique reward system, contributors score points when they collaborate or their input is used. This way creativity is ramped up greatly.

Our network-of-networks allows instant access to thousands of innovators and accelerates the adoption of solutions into businesses.

The COBIOM teams reflect the trend towards agile and decentralised collaboration, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Seizing the rich opportunities of this crisis, our platform makes work more flexible, self-determined and productive.

How it works

  • Leverage a global expert workforce
  • Book virtual teams for your company
  • Dynamically reassemble teams in your project process
  • Facilitated by your own COBIOM ambassador

Why it works

  • Experts earn rewards through collaboration instead of competition
  • The right experts when you need them: Access to dozens of expert networks
  • Integrates with productivity tools, agile by nature
  • Multiplicative effect and emergence of creative solutions

Choose from one of our packages:

You pay for results, not hours.
Transparent and modular.
Buy knowledge, not opinion: 10 experts for the price of 1 consultant.

(excl. implementation)






1. Identifying opportunities

Challenge definition online

Challenge definition online & Rebriefing call

Facilitated workshop with expert for challenge definition
Challenge set-up on the swarm platform

2. Leverage the swarm

Access to the full COBIOM expert swarm
Expert review and selection
Digital co-working space and tools
Project Management, Service & Report included
5 experts & 10 days
10 experts & 10 days
10 experts & 15 days

3. Implementing solutions

Depending on developed solution

On request

50% discount for NGOs and startups

COBIOM is part of a thriving ecosystem
of sustainability leaders

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