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Multiply the Impact of your Network

Make a difference. Together.

✓ Connect to various networks.
✓ Share your knowledge and collaborate on projects.
✓ Earn, trade and retrieve rewards.
✓ Generate a new form of income.

Your reasons to join the Swarm of Change Makers

A Swarm is an efficient and effective group of people: honest, self-organised, resilient, adaptable. Swarms will lead the future of innovation, of business, of work, of community. Because they focus naturally on the human as the centre of value creation, and benefit everyone.

Innovation Sprints


We work for the future of humanity by supporting business to serve society, embedded in the natural environment, guided by the SDGs.

Consultancy & Mentoring


We achieve more if we work together and form mutual symbioses. For this we commit to a culture of collaboration and reward sharing of data and knowledge.

Swarm Intelligence


Knowledge is everywhere. Experts join forces to operate lead and flexible. On COBIOM, you controll your own space while being open to the world and your members’ IP is safe.



Trust ist the currency of human interaction. Expertise is the common good we cherich and protect in the global community through our community framework.

How do we integrate values with business success?

You came to COBIOM because you are driven by the urge to make a positive change in the world. We appreciated that a lot!
Still we all know that it is hard to uphold your values in a profit-driven economy. We found a solution to this dilemma.

The COBIOM Swarm is a safe space. Inside the Swarm, there are rules to protect your values, your IP, and your high goals. At the same time, we do business together on the platform, with impact peers and with companies and organisations outside of COBIOM.

Our groundbreaking algorithms to track and reward not only the sharing but the re-use and growth of the knowledge you share, opens up the possibility to earn your income while being completely open for collaboration and high quality standards in sustainability, regeneration and disruptive innovation.

Your benefits as a Swarm expert

  • Your entry point to the impact gig economy
  • Free forever to engage with your peers
  • Earn on projects, trade for rewards or revenue
  • Share your knowledge, protect your IP
  • Recruit a team, safe and reliable
  • Integrates with your collaboration tools
  • Free video chat and whiteboard in Swarms