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Do well by doing good:

How to leverage sustainability and responsibility as a sales argument in marketing and recruiting through credible Corporate Social-Ecological Responsibility compliance

66% of consumers pay more for brands with a positive social reputation: How to leverage sustainability and responsibility as a sales argument in marketing and recruiting through credible Corporate Social-Ecological Responsibility compliance.


While sustainability is not solely a matter to boost a positive outside perspective, using responsible actions as a sales or branding argument is an important leverage for installing sustainable practices in a business model. Credibility is key. Only true commitment will lead to employee and customer satisfaction alike. Sustainability efforts are now a must-have for every company. Customer behaviour and the demands of employees when choosing a new employer are seen to change rapidly. Both are attracted to companies that do not only sell products or services, but purpose and values. You as a company have to find out, what you stand for. What drives your business? What is the real value you bring to the world. Sustainable and responsible behaviour is an asset in recruitment, retention and performance of staff as well as a sales argument with high potential in marketing. But it has to be backed up by coherent action to be credible and true. Coworkers and clients feel the difference.


The Cobiom expert platform leads you through this process with knowledge, experience and the crowd intelligence of the community in a streamlined process managed by our Cobiom Project Managers: 

Project suggestion

  • Identify your Challenge:

Together we identify your need: What are your challenges? What are your goals? What are your options? The best: The workshop is a low-priced opportunity for you to find out if our offers and approaches are right for you!

Our own developed tool based on the Living Systems framework allows for quick identification of leverage points to engage employees and customers.

  • Take data-driven Decisions:

What can be done? Where are the leverage points?

Our communication, HRand marketing experts immerge in your organisation and assesses the way work and communication is done on a daily and strategic basis. In interviews with employees or team members as well as managers and leader, weak spots and opportunities are discovered. A Systems Map helps to visualise the outcome and prepares the ground for efficient trainings and scaling.

  • Move forward, agile and quick:

Tailored trainings and coaching:

Needs and wishes are identified in agile workshops with employees and/or clients; additional user research by our experts yields more in-depth insights, further questions and opportunities.

Individual coaching sessions help you as a decision maker with your strategy and implementation roadmap. On site training of staff sets the foundation for the role-out.

  • Get the right solutions:

Implementation: We work with top experts for our user research and the communication strategy.

And we don’t leave you there, we accompany and guide you beyond the concept. Trainers and designers, marketing and community providers are always available to help you engage current staff, future employees, your customer base or new market segments.


Case studies

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