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Impact Innovation in theNetwork of Networks

Impact Innovation in the
Network of Networks

✓ Share Knowledge.
✓ Earn Rewards.
✓ Multiply Impact.

The Future of Community

While the future of business are communities, the future of communities happens on the COBIOM Swarm Platform: Networks connect beyond sectors to multiply their impact – yet their unique identity and value is preserved and promoted.

Every professional on the platform benefits, when their community and connected networks win – because our groundbreaking incentive system tracks and rewards sharing of knowledge and data: Whenever content is picked up by others on the platform, everyone involved earns their share, credits or even money.

This is why the COBIOM Swarm Platform is not only another network, not only another tool. It is our way of changing the way we do business together, for the benefit of people and planet.

More than just another NETWORK

Connectivity is the driver behind success and impact.

If we are open to take everything as a teacher, value diversity, and help others to excel, we multiply our own wins and influence. COBIOM is the solution to cross boundaries, reduce silos, and exchange information while staying safe and sound.

Why you should connect to the network of networks.

  • Updates from conneted networks
  • Incentivise collaboration with your own virtual currency
  • Get your workspace on COBIOM
  • Track and promote engagement of your members
  • Collaborate with other networks
  • Integrated video calls, whiteboard, calendars i.a.

More than just another PLATFORM

Collaboration beats competition

We built the platform as a safe space and tool, in which we share knowledge and data freely, because we benefit whenever it is used by other professionals. Sharing of information lets you earn rewards – and the more it is used the more your earn.

The thinking behind Swarm Innovation.

  • Designed based on science
  • Rewards for sharing information
  • Feedback loops to drive collaboration
  • Integrates with your productivity tools
  • Linkedin + Slack meets Payback
  • Mobile app in development

Take a good look

Swarm Intelligence for NETWORKS

Communities multiply impact, business opportunities and responsible growth. And the Swarm multiplies communities. Connect your community to the network of networks on the platform of the future.

Swarm Intelligence for BUSINESS

As a business or community, you entered the sustainability market. Now you need the right partners to use its opportunities. Get not a single consultant, trust to single expert, but leverage the power of the network of networks.

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