Our Radical Collaboration Manifesto

Competition is an old-fashioned, inefficient way of doing business.

We call leaders and coworkers to work in mutual symbiosis, where everybody benefits.

It is possible, if we only try.



We believe in the emerging power of WE.
We believe our current crises ask us to step-up, by reuniting and re-connecting with each other in a more conscious way.
If business can be a force for good, networks of business collaborating together can be a force for greatness.
We are Nature, we thrive in communities, and communities build societies from bottom up. Nature is interdependent and thrives through connectedness.
Trust emerges from intelligent and simple agreements of collaboration. Mutualisms emerge from a purpose larger than any of us alone.
We believe in deep listening, in respecting each other´s boundaries and in having patience with other´s sharing capacities. Vibrant organizations put ‘relationship before task’.
Inequality design is not acceptable, but equality is the only condition for healthy relationships. Answers lie in minorities, they have to be considered.
You and I, We, are being part of a new collective awakening of business people who want to co-create the answers… by living the questions, and design for emergence.
We see a future where networks of networks of business people intentionally co-create for wealth, abundance and expansion of all life. There is no room for hidden agendas and competitive profit maximisation on the expense of others.
We invite each other to radically collaborate more, in a radically more responsible way. For a radically better future.

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