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ScienceX is the platform-based collaboration ecosystem for sharing data and results to create projects and ventures beyond the bench. The ScienceX platform is the toolbox to collaborate everywhere, inside and outside of academia, even connecting laboratories across societies and to…

Chamber of Purpose

Chamber of Purpose

In response to an emergent necessity for a life-affirming, symbiotic collaboration between politics, economy, science and the civic society, we create a Chamber of Purpose (CoP) in addition to the established Chambers of Commerce. The CoP connects stakeholders committed to…

Regenerative Reboot

Regenerative Reboot

Activation of Bioregional Business Ecosystems and Bioregional Regeneration Regenerative Reboot is a project that seeks to achieve an ecological, social and systemic transformation within various territories (bio-regions). The project is about integrating and aligning the strategy and impact of the…

Global Impact Alliance

Global Impact Alliance

Time is of the essence. All perspectives, skills and roles are essential. Let’s create a sustainable future together.  Our partner, the Global Impact Alliance is a courageous stand for the potential of humanity to evolve in mindset, and create systems…

Together for Carbon Labelling

Together for Carbon Labelling

The initiative for more CO₂e-Transparency in the food industry The food industry has the obligation to reduce the footprint our nutrition has for the world. For this, strong and committed producers join forces with NGO for quality control and an…

More showcases from our work

Innovation at its best: The Swarm, that is the global impact community, creates astonishing projects, start-ups and initiatives. The COBIOM Venture Builder supports individuals and concepts from idea to market. The projects you see below emerge from the community and out market research. We support this emergence with our network and services.

The world and its industries are shifting to a more collaborative approach where competition is not excluding cooperation – we are experts to lead and built multi-stakeholder initiatives and processes to achieve this purpose.

Achieve your goals in complex markets and environments through concerted action of business,

policy makers, social innovation and for-benefit stakeholders.

In initiatives, we leverage and combine services from the COBIOM network to identify challenges that no one can solve alone, then research and develop innovative solutions and support the transformation inside and outside of your organisation towards sustainability and regeneration.

Let’s create impact together: No matter where you are on your sustainability journey – we bring together the right experts and service providers to solve your challenge in a consortium of like-minded market players.

What is your current challenge?

Share your problems and wishes to start the process. Easy, fast, without obligations. We collaborate with leading sustainability experts to help you in identifying and selecting your high-impact sustainability challenges and risks.

In other cases, this initial steps originates from the network or through intensive research on the market and in the socio-political field.

We build a core of like-minded thought leaders

Around the identified challenge, we gather an initial group of active business players to scout the potentials and next step. The initiative is founded by 5 members and grows in 3 months to an actionable size and power.

Together we develop solutions

We gather market players, researchers, non-profits and quality controllers. Defined process steps lead working groups through defining the path to a tangible solution. We take the lead for you and work agile and lean through a fast-paced 9 month development phase.

We implemented solutions on the market

Together with your networks, driven by your needs, and in cooperation with leading service providers in the fields of sustainability, engineering and transformation, we implement the developed solutions by combining inside and outside expertise guided by COBIOM experts in the next 12 months phase with the committed initiative members.

Continuate for benefit

To multiply impact, initiatives have an explicit “for-benefit” intention: Eventually legal entities can be formed to formalise the goals and values of the initiatives. COBIOM acts as a trustee to ensure economic stability and control the values are kept. All economic profits will be re-invested aligned with the purpose of the initiative, e.g. founding for profit ventures or conduct special research etc. The details for continuation are co-developed throughout the implementation phase.

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