COBIOM Academy – trainings in Responsible and bioinspired Innovation

COBIOM Academy

The COBIOM Academy provides you with the most comprehensive trainings in Responsible Innovation, Organizational Development and Regenerative Leadership.

Entire industries face severe disruptive changes on global markets, dramatic paradigm shifts in user behavior and socio-ecological transformations. Accordingly, new ways of thinking and embracing innovative technologies become imperative to generate sustainable, systemic solutions.

At the COBIOM Academy, you learn how to evolutionise your company into a leader in the coming Sustainability Transformation.


Responsible Innovation

TEDx speaker Dr. Arndt Pechstein teaches you how to use Human-Centred and Nature-Inspired Design, for responsible product or service development, and more.

This module takes you down into the world of Responsible Innovation, why you should and how you can make a change in the world. It then gives you a selection of the best tools available: Human-Centred and Bioinspired Design, complete with an introduction into Biomimicry.

The module is designed as the entry point into the full Online Programme. However, it makes also sense to take it as a stand-alone option.

Who is it for: All employees and leaders who want to become the designer and innovators of the sustainable future.

Responsible Innovator: 4 weeks (8 hrs/week)
429,-€ plus VAT

Starting time: anytime

Biomimicry Training

Your entry point to become a bio-inspired change-maker.

At our Biomimicry training you learn how to learn from nature, and how to apply these learnings in the context of product or service development, business or social entrepreneurship, organisational or personal change.

Who is it for: All professionals who want to drive sustainable transformation with bio-inspired and systemic innovations and solutions.

Biomimicry Practitioner: 3 months (8 hrs/week)
999,-€ plus VAT

Starting time: anytime

Responsible Leadership and Organizational Development

You want to learn how to evolve your team, department or company into a decentralised self-organised unit? You believe that new species of organisations question the traditional leadership model? That it needs a new kind of responsible and sustainable leaders?

With our course on Responsible Leadership and Organisational Development, you will gain a deep and practical understanding of how to lead your organisation into the regenerative future.

Who is it for: All leaders and who want to lead their organization to a self-organized sustainable future.

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