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Symbiosis. Society.

Nature knows what impact is.

We know nature.


“CO” in COBIOM stands for collaboration, co-creation, cooperation. It is what humanity needs to develop a better future of people and planet; it is what business needs to reinvent itself into a force for good; it is what industry needs to create values beyond profit for their customers, and grow sustainably.


“BIOM” in COBIOM is derived from the biological term Biome – the collective of all living beings in an defined area on Earth. This is how we see economy and social innovation: As an ecosystem, in which we all exchange value to increase the prosperity of the complete system, individuals, and at the same time of our surrounding, society and the environment.

The logic and science behind COBIOM

COBIOM is a Swarm organisation itself, energised by its professional variety and united in a common vision for a healthy global future. We developed the concept of the Swarm based on agile principles, decentralised organisations and ecosystem services.

In order to reach the goals and create a modern, future-ready, company that can grow exponential in the current market and yet will create value to all stakeholders in a future, where mere profit maximisation will no longer be the driver of business growth, we brought complex science, economic skills and best practices to perfection.

The logic behind COBIOM is simple and intriguing: The value of the overall system increases if we collaborate to create value for everyone involved in the process, instead of trying to maximise our own profit. This notion is at the core of mutual symbiosis in biology and was recognised as basic principle of a better economy in game theory and complexity science.

COBIOM delivers services to companies and organisations that aim to become sustainable and regenerative to stay relevant on future markets; we developed the most advanced platform to reward collaboration in a network-of-networks; and we train change makers and innovators to produce the products, services, processes and culture needed to put this into action.

The core of the Swarm

As our core team is living and thriving along a shared set of values, crossing many continental borders and disciplines, it unites urban centres like Berlin, Hamburg, Atlanta, Capetown and Mexico City. With their collaborative mindset they are able to fuse expertise in biomimicry, business, finance, engineering, psychology, strategy, marketing, innovation and regenerative leadership, among many others.

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