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Learn about the vision, people and principles

that make COBIOM what it is.


We live our passion: To create a better world for people and planet,
together with and for the community.
COBIOM is a community of experts that helps businesses catalyze their sustainability transformation through the power of Swarm innovation.

Sustainability challenges and improvements can no longer be solved by one or a few selected group of individuals. We now know the best results are always created through collective intelligence; where large amounts of engaged smart individuals and their complementary expertise interact with each other in a vibrant space that unleashes individual and group potential.
Depending on the company’s unique sustainability journey, challenges can range from compliance and risk mitigation, to efficiency, circular economy and product innovation, to identification of business opportunities and creation of radically new business models.

Because COBIOM brings together purpose driven, high-level experts in all areas of sustainability, we are able to create personalized end to end solutions for any sustainability project your company may have.

The Vision and Values of the COBIOM network

Our vision is a society that exists in a harmonic, mutually beneficial relationship be tween humanity and nature. We do this by educating thought leaders that inspire and empower people to take responsible and conscious actions to smoothly transform society into an aware and meaningful part of this world. 

All our work and activities are defined and directed by the values we strive to establish in society, companies and organisations. Our success is measured against these hallmarks and every action towards the outside of the agency has to be in alignment with them. The highest quality in all processes and products we deliver, is key to our success.

We believe in our ability and trust in our potential impact to work towards this goal as a community based on mutual trust and reliability according to the values of the coworking manifesto: collaboration over competition; community over agendas; participation over observation; doing over saying; friendship over formality; boldness over assurance; learning over expertise; people over personalities; value ecosystem over value chain.

All our actions are driven by the desire to achieve a sustainable existence, be it ecologically, economically, or personally. Thus, we value individual needs, personalities, diversity and exchange as the highest human goods where they are in accordance with a sustainable state of the comprising system. Health and wellbeing of every member, as well as the balance of life and work desired and required by every participant, is the goal of the internal work.

Monetary value obtained by the work of the network shall be distributed fairly. Data acquisition, storage, application and change is transparent and debatable. Additional payments and agreements have to be documented and made fully accountable.

Everybody acting in the name of the network is accountable for their own actions and those of every other member. With freedom and ownership comes responsibility. Everybody is responsible for reputation, legal integrity, and data security of the network. The guidelines of our security and privacy policy are part of this manifesto.

The expert community of COBIOM, called the Swarm, is a selected group of experts inbusiness, innovation, engineering, science and design. Challenges are solved by the Swarm and solutions are implemented by agile teams. This way, not one idea or strength is used but the best of all combined.

For challenges, we create highly dynamic project teams that are managed by a dedicated COBIOM ambassador who ensures quality, security and timely delivery.
We use the world's most powerful digital tools to facilitate the exchange and co-creation in the community. Some of them are developed in our community.
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Selected experts from our overgrowing Swarm. The digital COBIOM platform offers a secure ecosystem to exchange, cocreate and network. It incentivises cooperation over competition and thus attracts thousands of top-notch experts with a growth mindset.
The power of COBIOM is in the connection of cutting edge technical solutions with human 21st century skills. The community builds on collaboration and value-sharing instead of the competitive 20th century mindset. The paradigm is described in the Radical Collaboration Manifesto, the core of the Terms and Conditions of the COBIOM platform.
We are specialists in creating such incentive systems and workflows. Therefore, we built the unique COBIOM ecosystem based on behavioural psychology, biomimicry and social science.
We believe that value is created through collaboration. 

We built the COBIOM platform to engage a global community of bright human beings - and this is how we work ourselves: By combining expert knowledge, year-long experience, entrepreneurial fire and uncompromising values.

We love to exchange with like-minded people to make the world a better place. For this, we are active in education, non-profit projects, and social innovation, apart from our enthusiasm for the transformative power of the economy.

Where we come from. Where we go.
COBIOM evolved out of a joint venture of phi360, the Biomimicry Alliance and Cascading Sustainability in 2019. Since then, the team keeps attracting change makers and engages with other networks in a personal, practical and straightforward manner.
Our vision is to create a society, in which humans see themselves as one of several essential parts of the planetary ecosystem - a system where every individual can be what they are and becomes an element of the greater whole.
Fabian is serial entrepreneur, business coach, neuroscientist, biomimic and systems thinker. He has a strong background in creating and organising networks and collaboration formats.
Dr. Fabian Feutlinske
Business Lead
Paul is innovation manager, biotechnology engineer, agile trainer, group psychological coach and community enthusisats.
Paul Hoffmann
Operations Lead
Carolina is a regenerative business consultant and sustainable finance expert. She helps organisations and their leaders accelerate the transition towards regeneration in North America and Western Europe.
Carolina Fer-Jansink
International Affairs
Alex is a bio-inspired urban futurist exploring new ways to activate the human potential, co-create evolutionary next-stage organizations and to facilitate planetary awareness.
Alexander Yacine
Events & Formats
Renzo translates insights from research into design and strategic thinking to develop actionable ideas based on user needs.
Renzo D'andrea
Systems UX