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The CO in COBIOM means radical collaboration for a better future of people and planet.

The BIOM comes from the biological term biome. Biomes are large areas on Earth with similar conditions, such as similar climates and similar living organisms. Plants or animals in any of the biomes have special adaptations that make it possible for them to exist in that area.

So, COBIOM is the sum of ecosystems with individuals that aim to make a difference by collaborating together.

Why the hexagon?

It’s a simple matter of geometry. Hexagons are the shape nature chooses to make the most efficient use of material and space. Bees create hexagons, because it consumes the least amount of wax while providing the most stability. For that reason, Darwin declared that the hexagonal honeycomb is “absolutely perfect in economizing labor and wax.”


Our vision is an economy where stakeholders cooperate to create true value for all people, the whole environment and the economy.


We want to establish a collaborative platform behind the idea of a swarm. A platform that incentivises the cocreation of innovative, disruptive solutions that transform companies into sustainable businesses.


Our values are collaboration to cocreate meaningful solutions for businesses and society, and to create true value for all stakeholders while sharing assets and revenue in a mutual beneficial way. Thus we reward collaboration, but not competition.

The core of the swarm:
Science, business, innovation

COBIOM is a swarm organisation itself, energised by its professional variety and united in a common vision for a healthy global future.

As our core team is living and thriving along a shared set of values, crossing many continental borders and disciplines, it unites urban centres like Berlin, Atlanta and Düsseldorf. With their collaborative mindset they are able to fuse expertise in Biomimicry, Business, Finance, Engineering, Psychology, Strategy, Marketing, Innovation and Regenerative Leadership, among many others.

Serial Entrepreneur, Neuro-scientist, Biomimic and Systems Thinker.

Dr. Fabian Feutlinske

Innovation Manager, Biotechnology Engineer and Agile Coach.

Paul Hoffmann

Regenerative Business Consultant, Biomimicry and Sustainable Finance Expert.

Carolina Fernandez-Jansink

Bio-inspired urban Futurist, Regenerative Leader and Co-creator for Responsible Organizations.

Ilya Alexander Yacine

Sustainability strategist, responsible innovator and marketing expert.

Matthias Höppner

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