The digital startup ecosystem

to multiply impact

Our research of the last years has proven that whole industry sectors could accelerate innovation, meet impact demands, and increase return on investment if there would be more concerted action and sharing of knowledge. We set out to solve this problem through a hyper-connected incubator ecosystem where incubation and support connect across corporates, funds, sectors.

We now invite you to be part of building this ecosystem.

Create connect incubators, investors, corporates and funders to create efficient, effective, adaptive, resilient and responsible solutions for people and planet with our platform and collaboration incentives.

The 10XImpact technology changes the way we work as a global Swarm: A unique Operating System for the co-creation of value. It provides the tools and processes to stakeholders from early stage start-ups to multi-stakeholder ventures to facilitate collaboration, multiply impact, share knowledge and trade value.

A novel kind of technology to multiply impact

Track your contributions inside projects and earn parts of the value down the road.

We all want to help each other – and everyone should be rewarded for it. XShares on 10XImpact are the easiest tool to pay back collaborators once you have revenue or funding.

Purposeful collaboration

We help changing the world by giving back tangible value to the virtue of collaboration.

Legally binding and reliable

We make sure that assets and IP are kept safe and you get what you deserve.

Forward thinking technology

Together with leading service providers in the fields of We develop a cutting-edge technology to turn knowledge into your currency.

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